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along with everybody else, i’ve been paying a lot of attn to Vetements since they’ve taken over fashion media. they seem to have a few pieces every season that become the ultimate fashion commodity. the lighter heel sock boot is easily the perfect staple for just about anyone’s closet. and i’m rly enjoying their ripple effect throughout the industry and watching other houses take on their redefinition of cool. for me, what they’re doing so well is making it look so easy. statement dress, statement boots, aaaand ur done. their embracement of streetwear has taken it to an entire new level as the ‘new’ high fashion. it rly feels like poetry coming down the runway for city dwellers such as myself craving smth other than the typical unadaptable runway looks for the real world. and it makes perfect sense that their reinvention of the casual attitude has become so extremely valuable that anyone who can afford it is trying to get their hands on whatever they can. as for rn, Demna Gvasalia’s Vetements is leading us out of this boringness of yesterday’s fashion and anyone who wants to stay relevant is fresh on the scent.

the ss/aw16/17 collections have so much to offer that it’s a bit disorienting, but what i’m rly excited to see is the new take on gaudiness of the 80s reinterpreted into casual daywear. meaning big, ruffled floral 80s gown = new tshirt over jeans and i just love that so much. for so long it felt like, “wth am i gonna do with all these hideous 80s prom dresses?” and finally, years later, the answer has come (80s secretary dresses can easily be thrown into this category). not that 80s fashion is inherently hideous but that it hasn't been reworked into a realistic modern style in the way that Vetements has been capable of creating. one thing that rly makes it stand out is that it’s 80s but instead with a relaxed casual drape, and that is a v notable difference. can hardly wait to play w my own reinterpretations

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